Yovanna Ventura Ditched The Weight loss And It Backfired

yovanna ventura weight loss
July 13, 2020 8:32 am

Yovanna Ventura has had fans attacking her about her weight loss and gain for years now. Fans are not sure of what they want from. So they leave her on crossroads. She posted a picture showing how much weight she has lost, it was not a pretty thing for her fans to see.

Ventura was like one of the thinnest models out there on Instagram. After she started dating Justin Beiber, the fitness fanatic gained a lot of attention from the media and more fans. Currently, she has over 5.3 million followers supporting her.

Yovanna Ventura was so good when it comes to the weight loss topic since she was the proof herself. But fans did not like it when she decided to gain a few pounds. It was so bad that fans flocked at her IG page telling her to go skin or thin as she used.

According to her FaceBook post, she replied to people attacking her:

“I’ve lost about 13lbs in a month and a few weeks cause I WANT to and cause I’m working on a few big things, so proud of myself for being so consistent. If I lose or gain weight it’s my decision. I looked amazing before and I feel amazing now as well, that’s the beauty about your body you can transform it to whatever you want as long as you’re consistent and put in the work. 😉”

Do you think the people who attacked her did the right thing?. She totally disagrees.