Fierce Latina Model Yovanna Ventura On The Rise To The Top

yovanna ventura the weeknd
August 19, 2020 4:29 pm

Why does Miami keep on bringing more beautiful hot girls to the light and there is nothing we can do about?. Well, I definitely can not answer that because it’s God’s work. However, one of the girls who is a famous Instagram model, Yovanna Ventura. Her modeling career keeps on making her the smart and the beautiful one.

As a result, in February 2020, she earned the Maxim Mexico feature as their cover model. It has not been an easy road to where she is at in her career. But looks like she has made it. During her childhood, she lived as an introvert that her mother had to take her to ballet class and modeling school. So her mother first did a good job and now we have a famous Ventura.

One of her biggest inspirations while growing up with a dream as a model was Jennifer Lopez because she is Latina and energetic. Yovanna is also Latina and never wonder again where she got that beauty. She loves her and takes her as an idol because she had to go the struggle to reach a destination where she can say she’s made it. Being on the front cover of Maxim Mexico is not a joke.

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The model has been involved romantically with Justin Bieber and The Weeknd before and she did them both. Of course, she is a ten and even prettier than Selena Gomez but hey don’t be mad but that’s just me. Yovanna is 1.75 m tall and was born in Miami, Florida, the United States on November 24, 1995.

But enough about her modeling career, what is her dating history?. Who is she with?.

Yovanna’s Unforgettable love interests Justin and The Weeknd, just in case you didn’t know — and what exactly happened?

In 2017, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted a couple of times together again. Both had the However, both just came out of their former relationship and couldn’t hide their feelings. At the same time, both of their ex-love interests Yovanna Ventura and The Weeknd were having fun.

What can Yovanna Ventura do to reclaim the love of The Weeknd?. The former couple used to be on trending. Yovanna is a model that is pretty famous on Instagram. She is the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. Yes, you read that right. She and Justin dated for a while before Justin got back together with Selena Gomez.

Confused? You are not alone, pal. Let’s go deep on the relationship between Yovanna Ventura and The Weeknd. Their relationship was so trending since both of their exes also were so famous. Everybody wondered if it was just revenge for their exes. With all the people of Los Angeles, they had to find themselves dating again. Ventura was really keeping things perfect for the singer and that is why he was all over her in a short period of time. The model gave her that fan love that I bet he never got that from Selena. However, they were all over the blogs seen holding hands in public.

According to the US Weekly, Yovanna Ventura is so much of a lover. As a result, the Los Angeles based artist spent the majority of the night cozying up to Bieber’s former love interest. The two dated as love birds but in the end, things never lasted and poof! the relationship ended. When Ventura and Weeknd were dating, Selena and Bieber had already started dating again. And so it was a win-win situation.