Who is Actress Vanessa Hudgens Dating?

July 25, 2020 7:22 pm

You ask who might Vanessa Hudgens be dating after breaking up with Austin Butler. Well, she surely broke up with Austin and there is no chance she is loving Austin again. She is spotted with another guy on a date a week after her breakup with Austin. She spent 9 years in a relationship with her but I guess that spark went away.

Vanessa Hudgens, 31, is currently dating Lakers player Kyle Kuzma, 24. Kyle took her on a date in January 2020 which shows clearly whom she is dating. According to US Weekly, the new couple was spotted having grabbing dinner together.

This new romance came out of the blue because no fan of Vanessa was expecting this. Rumor has it that it started after she left a comment on some of the recent posts.

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Who is Kyle Kuzma?

Kyle is a popular American NBA player and he is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is only 24 and comes from Flint, Michigan. He has got the money because NBA players are paid really well. However, he joined the team in 2017 but played as a rookie at first. He played for the University of Utah where also he graduated.

Vanessa is so much into the relationship as she appears to support her boyfriend. She is also a big fan of the Lakers team. Do you think her relationship with Kyle will last like the one she had with Austin? Why?.