The Unusual Written Wiki On Vanessa Laine Bryant That You Should Read

Vanessa Laine Bryant wiki
October 13, 2020 8:56 am

A short wiki on Vanessa Laine Bryant where you will get to know who she is and where she is from. She is a famous American wife that most people know her because of the marriage she had with Kobe Bryant. This is not like any other wiki of Vanessa Laine Bryant.

Vanessa was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States on May 5, 1982, which makes her age, 38 years old. So she is an American Native despite her looks which makes her look like she is coming from Mexico. This made me relax after I found out that she is of Mexican and Irish, German, and English. She is so beautiful in so many ways. Back at her first high school St. Boniface Parochial School in 1996, she was a member of a popular cheerleading squad.

Well, to know that she used to cheerlead totally makes sense now. She has been a video model that most did not know she was Bryant’s wife. She has worked in music videos for artists like Pharrell, Tyrese, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris.

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Vanessa is a mother of four children namely Capri, Natalia Diamante, Gianna Marie-Onore, Bianka Bella. However, her daughter Gianna died of a helicopter crash while flying alongside her father. What happened to them is not an easy thing to process in our hearts. We still can not find to replace Kobe and sadly, we simply can not.

After reading all the drama that is going on about Vanessa Bryant and her mother, I also had to let you know a bit more about the wife of Kobe. What’s might be your opinion on this?.

How Did Vanessa Laine Bryant Went Cold After Her Husband’s Death? Any Lie?

Ever since Kobe Byant died of a helicopter crash, the world has not been kind to both Vanessa Laine Bryant and Kobe’s mother-in-law, Sofia Laine. We all know that Kobe was the American superstar professional basketball player. And he had the wealth that many admired and still does. His net worth before he died was $600 million.

Let me let you in on this already. Sofia, the mother in law is accusing Vanessa. Her claim is that her daughter is not taking good care of her as she should. Just to make it clear, Sofia is the mother of Vanessa and she has been living her best life ever since her daughter married the most famous basketball player.

Sofia bad she has been treated by her own daughter after Kobe’s death. She said that her daughter kicked her out of the house and they also repossessed her car. And that became bad news to everyone that really loved Kobe’s family.

However, we have got to hear the other side of the story. According to Vanessa, she says her mother has not been supportive physically or emotionally supportive since Kobe and her daughter Gianna passed away.