Did Vanessa Hudgens Dismiss Drake? Her Dating History Intact

vanessa hudgens and austin butler split
July 25, 2020 5:46 pm

Vanessa Hudgens has a very unique beauty meaning she is rare in the entertainment industry. She is of Latina, Irish, Native American, Chinese, and Filipino descent. It’s one of the reasons she outruns other actresses in an easy way. You know how Latinas be in-game. Their beauty is so unique just like what I told you earlier.

In 2017, the actress wore a beautiful dress at the Billboard Awards which made many heads turn. Whatever she is eating. She hasn’t got to stop. She was like the woman of the show that night that even Drake went off the rails mentioning her name. The OVO could not resist mentioning her name amid he had already won thirteen Awards from Billboard. While he was accepting one of the awards that night, he did not wanna hide his feeling for the actress and stepped on it by saying, “So, tonight, I want to say, Vanessa Hudgens, you look incredible tonight.”

And after that night, it seemed like Drake was not done with Vanessa. The following day he followed Vanessa on her Instagram and also went on liking a lot of her old posts. It’s like he was falling for her but we never knew what happened after that.

But with all the efforts Drake did to win her attention, she later went on her IG page and posted a picture of her kissing Austin Butler with a caption ‘missing this guy. #mcm #longdistancesucks’.

The Relationship timeline on Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

The recent exclusive details on Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler, their split. They have been some unpleasant news about one of our favorite couples on earth.

Vanessa and Austin Butler are not together no more amid being in a relationship for about 9 years. The High School Musical star and the star of Once Upon A Time spent months apart before breaking up for real. The two probably broke up because of the distance relationship they had. They find themselves apart most of the time because of the products which might sometimes happen on different continents and it may last for a long time.

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According to E! Online, their source says they are going to see what happens. It seems the couple may be together later on in life because their breakup did not involve a bad cause like cheating.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler split and it was bad news for all. However, they seemed to be in good terms even when they are not together as a couple but friends. An insider told the magazine, “They have such a history and deep connection they could find their way back to one another, “. On August 14, 2014, she wrote on Instagram saying “Yesterday was the love of my love’s birthday”.

In early 2020, they both took to social media showing how much they mean to each other even after the split. After they made their breakup a final one, she moved on to another guy, Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers player. The two began flirting via social media before going out on a public date.

Butler did not appear on Vanessa’s Instagram page until December 6, 2013, amid they started dating in 2011. Hudgens shared the very first photo to show the world her lover for the first time. After that Butler started to appear on her feed from time to time.