Has RiceGum’s New Crush Turned Ugly? — Trouble In Paradise Guys

RiceGum New Girfriend Crush
October 16, 2020 2:45 pm

The fans of RiceGum are so curious about his new girlfriend but sadly she has already moved on and they seriously wanna know who she is. RiceGum is a famous American YouTuber whose real name is Bryan Lee. He is super famous on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. What’s his height when you mean him in person?. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

Some things are just not meant to be. RiceGum has a new crush and it is all because things could not work out with the TikTok star Abby Rao. Should we say thanks to her or sorry?. RiceGum and Abby are now a history topic. However, it seems that Abby can not accept that fact she is no longer with him and moving on. She and him dated for a few months. They started dating in 2019. However, they have broken up for like 10 months now.

RiceGum and Abby have a joint channel ‘FamilyGum’. They started the channel when they were dating and when their feelings were mutually positive. Their channel had already started to gain momentum before they broke up and it had like 500,000 subscribers.

This is what made Abby so mad at her ex-boyfriend after he used their joint channel to post a video of him together with his new girlfriend, Ouch!. What would you do if you were Abby?. At least RiceGum got what he wanted since he obviously wanted to make her jealous.

Who does RiceGum consider his new Crush? Who is she?

The new girlfriend/crush that RiceGum was dating is Ellerie Marie. She is super beautiful and she also looks like she the soulmate that our favorite YouTuber was looking for. But things turned out ugly which is something new I also wanted to share with. Ellerie started dating the guy after he broke up with Abby months ago. After Rice started dating his crush, his fans became happier that he was dating again. So he could not stop himself but to post his amazing love moments with his new so-called crush.

Ellerie Marie RiceGum new Girlfriend

Meet the new girlfriend of RiceGum, Ellerie Marie who now seems to be old news in his life. But wait who is she?. Well, she is also popular on social media but her following started to get bigger and bigger after she started dating RiceGum. She now has over 358,000 followers supporting her work. When she started dating Rice she already had over 92k with only 11 posts but now she has 25 posts attached to her account.

According to her bio on Instagram, she says it says she is living in both San Diego and Los Angeles. Her account is full of photos showing her cleavage clearly. I have spent like 30 minutes taking a look at his crush’s photos and damn, he really has lost someone. She is super beautiful and she does not have to do anything but pause to gain more followers.

Are RiceGum and Ellerie Marie still dating?

RiceGum took to his YouTube channel telling his fans that he and Ellerie Marie are no longer dating. As a result, a week after the breakup with Ellerie, he shot a video of him meeting Abby, his ex-girlfriend at his house, and uploaded the video which goes by “Meeting My Ex-Girlfriend After 1 Year…”.

Who is RiceGum’s Sister?. He has a sister named Ling Ling. When it comes to family RiceGum has always been discreet about it. His family is of Vietnamese and Chinese descent. However, who are his parents?. His father is Luat Quang Le and his mother is Quang Ly Lely.

What is his real name?. His real name is Bryan Quang Le and he was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S but he currently is living in Los Angeles. After earning a big name in social media, he moved to LA to further pursue his career.

But the question still remains, did RiceGum and Ellerie Marie share the money from the joint YouTube channel?.

What Is The Net worth of RiceGum?

RiceGum has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He makes his money mostly from YouTube. He has multiple YouTube channels which are RiceGum, RiceLive, and FamilyGum. With all those channels, it makes sense for RiceGum to have that net worth on display since his channels have thousands to millions of subscribers. Might this be the reason that he even started a relationship with his crush Ellerie?.