Piper Rockelle Might Be Too Young For Romance Thou

piper rockelle boyfriend
July 14, 2020 11:19 pm

First of all, I must say that Piper Rockelle is a smart girl. At such a young she is using her name brand to sell products. In other words, she is making a lot of other ways that most do not know about. She is not only a singer but also she is an entrepreneur with such a strong force. I like that about her. Moreover, she has this site where she sells her merchandise/products. The online shop focuses on selling clothes from hoodies, crewnecks, masks, tops, socks, and short-sleeves Tee. Her online shop does not just end there because there are also accessories.

For a girl at such a young age, this is huge. To have her own merch? What happens when she is 20 that now she only a 13-year-old. I wonder her parents are feeling. It is such a blessing to them. It’s obvious that Piper has got a grownup mentality.

Who is Piper Rockelle dating? When she is in love

Of course! Piper Rockelle is really young but her fame just wants us to ask who her boyfriend might be in this year 2020. She confuses the world on her YouTube video when she admits having crushes on both Lev Cameron and Walker Byrant. Maybe you will come with a great conclusion to this at the end of this article.

Last, Walker, Lev, and her collaborated on YouTube together. Mind you, they are all dancers too. Each of her crushes has things in common with her. However, she has been so close to Walker lately as they shared a cozy photo of them together. Does this mean that Piper Rockelle has decided to keep her boyfriend offline?.

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The 12-year-old used to date Gavin Magnus but their relationship went off after Gavin broke it off. Walker has always been enjoying spending time together with Piper. He always documents most of the amazing moments he shares with her. Lev has been in the picture but fans are not convinced at all if the two could ever hang out.

Could it be that Piper is dating Walker and they just decided to keep it on the low?. And just to show us they are friends. Who is Piper, anyway?. She is an Internet personality with a lot of followers. As on Instagram, she has over 3.6 million followers, and onYouTube she has over 5 million subscribers. However, she is also very famous in TikTok.

Piper started to break the internet at such a young age. She started her internet journey at the age of 9.