Does Lindsey Pelas Regret Her Interview With Eric Andre?

Lindsey Pelas Eric Andre
4 months ago

Lindsey Pelas did an interview with Eric Andre back in 2017 and things got really awkward. She is only an IG model who has done so many interviews. Lindsey is an Instagram babe who has got a huge following and fans love the sizzling figurative photos that she shares with … Read the rest

What Is The Age Of Vanessa Merrell? Been In The Game Since 2009?

4 months ago

At what age is Vanessa Merrell? How old is she?. Well, you have come to the right place to learn a little bit more about her. She is killing it in social media.

What’s the current age of Vanessa Merrell?. She is 24 years old as she was born on … Read the rest

Eva Gutowski – YouTuber, Bio, Age And Stardom

4 months ago

Learn more about the age of Eva Gutowski. Eva Gutowski still has a young age even though her body says otherwise. Well, how old is she?.  Eva is 26 years old. She was born on July 29, 1994, in Brea, California. She is 1.67 m tall and her beauty goes … Read the rest

Who would Janet Guzman Be without Her ties with Fashion Nova?

Janet Guzman Fashion Nova
4 months ago

Janet Guzman has been working with Fashion Nova even when the clothing line was not doing back in the day. So, she is trustworthy in a very beautiful way. Even though she has got that fame now but I don’t see any difference from the time she was not as … Read the rest

Is Jania Bania Lying About Her Real Age? She’s Got A Lot On Her Plate

5 months ago

Jania Bania was born in the United States of America on January 11, 2000, which makes her age 20 years old. When she met Youngboy she was so young and was not as mature as she is today. She is not that old either and still has a great sexy … Read the rest

How Does Amber Heard Look With No Makeup On?

Amber Heard no Makeup
5 months ago

It is undeniably true that Amber Heard still looks gorgeous even when she is wearing no makeup. Most of the time she goes out, she is at her best with no makeup. In other words, even without lip liner, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc, she still looks still shines like a … Read the rest

Yovanna Ventura Ditched The Weight loss And It Backfired

yovanna ventura weight loss
5 months ago

Yovanna Ventura has had fans attacking her about her weight loss and gain for years now. It has not been an easy road for her. Moreover, fans are not sure of what they want from her. So they leave her at crossroads. One day, she posted a picture showing how … Read the rest