Who is Lindsey Pelas Dating? Who’s The Boyfriend?

Lindsey Pelas boyfriend
4 months ago

Lindsey Pelas loves her boyfriend so much since she takes him with her everywhere. When you look at her Instagram account, he is everywhere but not recently, she has been keeping him a secret. It is so so unlike her. Do most of the IG models do this?. This model … Read the rest

What’s The Net Worth Of David Dobrik in 2020? A Wealthy Young Man

4 months ago

Dobrik did so well in 2019 that his net worth grew even higher. He runs a very successful self-titled YouTube channel. His channel has die-hard fans that trust and adore him. He is also a big Internet star that most YouTube wanna be like when they get their chances. However, … Read the rest

TikTok Star Cynthia Parker Taking Us Far? At Her Age?

4 months ago

The TikTok star Cynthia Parker is doing a good job raising her hand on the internet like she has got more to offer. And yes, she has more judging from the looks of it.

Cynthia Parker is famous on TikTok as cynthiaparkerrrr where she has over 2.4 million fans supporting … Read the rest

Without Makeup, Tana Mongeau Acts And Looks Totally Different

Tana Mongeau without makeup
4 months ago

How does Tana Mongeau look without makeup?. Well, she has always been open about her lifestyle. And since she is a YouTuber she has always made it easy for her fans to get to know her really. On YouTube, she has over 5 million subscribers and that is a lot … Read the rest

A close friendship Of Kylie Jenner With James Charles… What A Bummer!

Kylie Jenner and James Charles
4 months ago

If you remember correctly I talked more about Kylie Jenner in an interview with James Charles. Kylie as a young business beauty mogul is super close to James nowadays.

According to The Insider, there was a time when Kylie Jenner unfollowed James Charles due to his public feud … Read the rest

The Truth About The Lips Of Kylie Jenner? Lips Fillers Not Off

4 months ago

After so many years of internet trolls attacking her lips, finally, Kylie Jenner decided to return to her old natural self with the old lips. Did she really remove the lip fillers?.

Kylie’s old lips are very recognizable that you would notice right away if she would remove her lip … Read the rest

How Tall Is Malu Trevejo? Height Doesn’t Matter For Fashion Nova

4 months ago

You really wanna know how tall is Malu Trevejo in person?. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Do her photos lie?. This Instagram teen sensation is really making a name for herself and her brand keeps on getting bigger and bigger. She is one of the best partners for … Read the rest