Is Kylie Jenner Really Dead? Her Name Forever Lives

3 months ago

Rumor has it that Kylie Jenner is dead but the truth has to come forward for a few of you who do not know the truth. If Kylie Jenner is dead then everybody in your streets would know and eventually, you would have known for sure. Her family is popular … Read the rest

Are Joey King and Jacob Elordi dating? One Of The Popular Love Stories

3 months ago

Joey King and Jacob Elordi are no longer dating. The couple used to be a trending subject on the internet but now they are no more. It seems that the two have already moved on. Their relationship was itself a hit.

According to Refinery29, Joey King and Jacob Elordi … Read the rest

The Dog Breed In The House Of Kylie Jenner — How Many?

3 months ago

How many dogs does Kylie Jenner have in her beautiful big house?. She surely loves pets and we know that by the looks of her Instagram photos. Kylie Jenner loves her pets and fans really ask what is her dog breed. She sometimes shares photos of them posing beside her. … Read the rest

When Is David Dobrik Birthday? The Famous YouTube Guru

3 months ago

The birthday of David Dobrik is July 23, 1996, when it is his birthday, he damn sure have a good one. He was born in Kosice, Slovakia. However, he is 23 years old, as of June 2020. His full real name is David Julian Dobri he does not like his … Read the rest

How Tall Is Alexis Ren? She Looks Taller In Person

4 months ago

Alexis Ren is 5 feet 8 inches tall and that’s how tall your favorite celebrity is. She is one of the famous established IG stars and models. Her body of art comes from working out plus she is very consistent about it. She has always dreamed of becoming a model … Read the rest

Corinna Kopf Never Made Logan Paul Forget Their Fling

Corinna Kopf and Logan Paul
4 months ago

Corinna Kopf had a friends-with-benefits relationship with Logan Paul, which is according to Paul. Logan did not take lightly after they broke up and the previous sentence shows how hurt he sounds. He lost someone who was there for him all way but the fame came along which destroyed them … Read the rest

What Happened Between Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul?

4 months ago

What are Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul doing?. They look so good together. Why did they split after all this time? The former love birds have been together for about 9 months but they recently announced they are taking a break.

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