Who Is Antonio Garza? Her Identity Revealed For Sure

3 months ago

This is who Antonio Garza really is. The internet star decided to quit high school after several months of YouTube success. She dropped out of college to further her career. If you are thinking about dropping out, please don’t. She quit so she could focus more on her YouTube career. … Read the rest

The Love Story Of David Dobrik And Lorraine Nash

3 months ago

David Dobrik and Lorraine Nash tied the knot in May 2019 in Las Vegas but their marriage was not a success. He married the mother of his best friend, 75 years old, at the time. But their happily married life lasted up to a month. Eventually, David took to Instagram … Read the rest

How Loren Gray Looks With No Makeup On?

3 months ago

The teen sensation always looks marvelous even without makeup. But to be honest, she looks way different even her cuteness remains. One part that I personally like most is her face and eyes. Her face is full of truth if you ask me. Her nose thou. However, she has a … Read the rest

Who Is Alexis Ren Currently Dating? An Awakening Light Stroke Her

3 months ago

However, this means Alexis Ren will not be dating someone who wants a public relationship. She is right thou to be doing this because she is not ready for that again. In other words, she will not share who her boyfriend is.

The news came out officially in March 2020 … Read the rest

How Old Is Daisy Keech? Former Hype House Member

3 months ago

Ok! So how old is your favorite model Daisy Keech?. She is a famous Instagram model and others consider her as an IG butt influencer. Yes, I said it right. Yes, there is such a thing now. And she is racking up money nonstop. With all she has got on … Read the rest

The Net Worth Of Malu Trevejo Is Extremely Shocking!!!

Malu Trevejo Net Worth
3 months ago

Since Malu Trevejo is a teen social media personality, her net worth must be good. But for her to be this rich?. I never expected it. Looking at her net worth, she definitely deserves it. First, her real name is Maria Luisa Trevejo. She is a socialite, singer, dancer, and … Read the rest

The Boyfriend Of Annie LeBlanc Knows The Magic No.

3 months ago

Annie Leblanc met her current boyfriend in 2019 during the photoshoot that Asher was on for his video Chemistry. She confirmed the news via her Instagram when she posted a photo of them together on Valentine’s Day.

Annie Leblanc is currently dating the SHAZAM! star, Asher Angel. The couple … Read the rest