Before And After Nikita Dragun Had Plastic Surgeries — She’s Done Many

Nikita Dragun before and after
September 26, 2020 10:38 am

Nikita Dragun before plastic surgery was a man (gay) and after several of the procedures she underwent, she now is one of the hottest. Nikita Dragun looked way different than ever before and after the plastic surgery, she turns out like an angelic Los Angeles model. She has always been a brave one in the game. Or I think. She has been so open over the past 4 years about her life as a transgender. Going through the four years she still came strong and making money too along the way.

Her transformation has taken over 4 years until she has reached a point where she can feel beautiful as a woman. However, she always fights to be free and that is why she has always stayed open when it comes to her body.

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The mother of the Dragons, IG influencer, and businesswoman came out as a trans when she was in college. She really knew what she wanted from the beginning. She has always put trans rights forward and she is damn proud of who she has turned out to be.

“We deserve to be treated EQUAL. trans rights n human rights! support ur trans fam today and every day,” she wrote on her Instagram post with a photo above.

Nikita Dragun has always been open to people about her sexuality

Nikita Dragun admitted to having an addiction to plastic surgery. She did a lot of them because she was open to suggestions from the doctors. And so she did them. She is trying to stop the addiction.

Before and after plastic surgery, the social media mogul is so way different, from a gay to trans. Plus currently, she is hot. And I mean it. Nikita Dragun has undergone surgeries such as breast implants, a nose job, brow bone, and jaw being shaved. What else is new for her? head surgery?. But well for her, things have turn out well for her.

After the social media influencer succeeded in going through all those procedures and came back great, she has earned a lot of fans. Nikita has over 6.6 million Instagram followers supporting her work.