Josie Canseco Proves Mike Stud Was A Player! Here’s How

Mike Stud Josie Canseco
August 1, 2020 7:59 pm

The Victoria’s Secret model Josie Canseco started dating Mike Stud back in 2015. Since Stud is a musician, so Josie eventually modeled in her boyfriend’s video. She wore sexy that she was only with bra and panties. She surely loved the dude. But he is a musician and you know what happens when you date a musician.

But they broke up in early 2019. Stud was having romantic relationships with some other cheeks and people began to ask questions as usual. But it turned out that the two already had already broken up before he even started other women.

In 2018, Mike Stud had already gone through so much with Josie Canseco. Their relationship was already going through so much and they decided to part ways. After separation, they never announced their break. They were definitely discreet about it.

According to TMZ, Josie said, “You can’t cheat on someone if you are not together anymore”. Media has it that Stud was cheating on her but things turned out to be different. Nobody was cheating on anybody.

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Then an opportunity happened after she broke with the rapper Mike Stud. Do you know she dated after him?. She started dating Brody Jenner. She really knows how to pick them. But things had to end so she could meet another suitor.

But she has recently been dating Logan Paul. The two started the beautiful relationship in January 2020. The new couple has been spotted together at the Miami Beach Hotel while wearing matching red jackets. I think Logan might be able to hold it for a while. He has so much success plus he is fun.

How Grown Up Is Josie Canseco In Her Current Relationship — A Fighter?

Why does Josie Canseco seem to be in such bad luck for men?. She used to be dating the YouTube MVP and that none other than Logan Paul. They split in early 2020 and Logan accused her of dating him for fame which is something Josie does not agree with. They ended their relationship on bad terms and mostly she blamed Jake for being out working most of the time.

However, according to ET YouTube, it shows that Logan is agreeing to the fact that he had been quarantined with Josie. So she got back together with the guy but did not keep it public and maybe she learned her lesson to not put her relationship that much public.

On the video, even Logan’s brother, Jake asked him on camera and he tried to hide it again which seemed impossible. He showed how serious he really is about Josie. I do think this time their relationship might work because now her boyfriend seems to be the bigger person. And he does not do a checklist for a girlfriend either and he even knows that it’s hard to find someone who could check out all of his checklists. He’d rather grow with her and find or develop traits that he is definitely gonna love.