Megan Fox And Her Soon To Be Ex-husband — The Drama and Romance

Megan Fox with husband
October 12, 2020 8:08 pm

Megan Fox is not with her husband anymore. Her husband’s name is Brian Austin Green. He is also a movie star but he is not as big as Fox. We all know that and it’s in our guts. Motherfact, her soon to be ex-husband wishes her well on her new journey to finding love. As a result, she has found some fresh blood to hit it with. As we all know that Megan is hitting it up with Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan Fox with her husband has spent almost about a decade together and it was full of beautiful memories plus all the ups and downs. Megan and Austin used to be Hollywood’s hottest married couple.

Fox is a very beautiful human being and we love her deeply for that. She shares three children with her husband. In 2016, the couple almost called quits even tried to divorce each other. But the Transformers’ star discovered she was pregnant again expecting the third child and eventually announced they are back together and not going thru with the divorce paper.

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However, the BH90210 alum confirmed the news about their current divorce case on May 18, 2020. I guess their children do not need their parents as much as they were babies. It’s clear that Megan Fox and Brian stayed together just for the sake of the children.

Is The New Love Making Megan Fox A Bad Person? What Of Her Children?

Megan Fox does not age at all when it comes to her looks. She still looks gorgeous and bangable enough that men in the 20’s will not mind at all from sleeping with her. Who wouldn’t it if you were given the chance?. Megan is a mother but still looks young and when you look at her, you completely forget she is a mother. She is a mother of three children namely Bodhi, Noah, Journey Green. She shares all her children with her soon to be ex-husband. However, the allure has everything a man needs and our lucky rapper has got that opportunity and he better not waste.

Fox is like born again judging by how happy she is. Well, at least that’s what we see on camera, there could some things happening that we do not already know.

Love don’t cost a thing, love is blind, and age does not matter when it comes to love. Megan Fox proves what I just said in that first sentence. She is experiencing new love and we can not blame her because she has got the new blood keeping her fresh if you know what I mean. Megan is a mother of three and she seems to be so happy that she is free of being the wife of Brian Austin Green. Their divorce is on the way to be final. But the happy soul seems to be enjoying already with her new beau.