How Logan Paul Made Millions Off A Sex Tape Even When It’s Not His

Logan Paul sex tape
October 13, 2020 10:39 am

Now let us talk about the sex tape that Logan Paul did. It is so shameful to his name plus he has never told anyone that he is gay. Let me make things clear. I have done my research and watched it closely as you guys.

I know a lot of you might be wondering if Logan Paul really sucked a d-ck on camera but the fact that you believe makes wanna cry. How come you believe it’s him and you claim to be a true fan of Logan?. But hey, who is judging?. He really trended for that sucking part and he just made a lot more money because of it. What a life he has.

What was Logan’s first reaction to the sex tape and did he release it?

However, the one on the sex tape is not Logan Paul. It is someone who looks like him or we might call him Logan’s doppelg√§nger. According to Logan’s Impulsive YouTube podcast, he spoke out on it and told the world how surprised he was after he received a call from a friend telling him to check his Twitter since he was super trending at the moment. Everyone was searching ‘Logan Paul Sucking leaked’. His reaction thou;

“I’m really scrubbing my memory this time, I’m like I know I party hard but when did I… I told Mike that I am 99 percent sure I did not suck a d-ck before but who knows it’s life”.

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According to Mike Majlak, his co-host on the IMPAULSIVE show, he said this was their first time to ever receive a crisis this big that they did not have any play on it. In other words, it appeared out of the blue that even their management could do anything at first to make things clear. Shock hit them all and Logan has been through a lot but not like this.

Logan Paul went on to discover who was his doppelganger on the sex tape

What happened obviously did not please Logan. And so he could not help himself but find the guy was doing the sucking, responsible. After a long time of browsing on Twitter, he managed to find the guy who was receiving the pleasure, or head. But what the guy had to say to him.

Logan: “I gotta find the dude, the guy who looks like me.”

The guy who received head: “We are in a bad breakup, we broke up and he actually never wanted to do porn, he kinds like hates me. But you know some decisions you can’t just take back.”

But learn how the guy responded to his sex tape allegations, he decided to go overboard on his Twitter account and started supporting by trolling everywhere. He even asked his fans to comment on his Twitter so he can release the full sex tape. He wrote to James Charles, the famous transgender ‘james charles ur next’. Charles could not resist but to answer him also publicly by retweeting, “Sorry bro I only go for straight guys”. That really spiked thousand of likes on Twitter.

Instead of his brand becoming diminished, it got even bigger. Moreover, he is the talk of the town when it comes to YouTubers and the best web entertainers.