Do Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita Embraces Their Private Dating?

September 26, 2020 7:58 pm

Lele Pons has always been into Juanpa Zurita since 2016. So what happened?. First, their relationship started in 2016 and the two decided to keep it low. They never put it public that they were an item. But the cameras have shown us a lot for us to prove they were truly dating.

Lele Pons is a Great YouTuber that she often works with Juanpa Zurita. The two have always tried to prove that they are just friends but truth tells the other story. Since Lele has over 37 million Instagram followers, it is okay to wanna know who she is dating in 2020.

This year, reports have it that Lele is dating the fellow YouTuber Twan Kuyper, the Dutch model. But they have only been in their videos when they are acting romance videos. They kiss a lot and this happened to raise a lot of questions from fans. As a result, some fans are believing they are dating.

According to WIRED, Lele is not dating the Dutch model, Kuyper, and claims it is her best friend. It seems that Lele Pons has been regretting having a relationship with her past lovers. She gives advice to her fans and she tells fans that they should see first how a man treats his mom before dating. She describes her pst relationships as telenovelas. No wonder she is too private about it.

Does this mean that Lele is regretting even dating Juanpa?. The two have been spotted kissing a lot and they share it too over the past years. Pons is not dating anyone publicly yet.

Lele Pons Still Keeps The Truth About Her Boyfriend A Mystery

How Lele Pons’ career started is something to talk about. Let me let you in on this. She started off her career in Vine when the app was alive and hot at the time. What made her start doing is ridiculous. The Instagram star started making Vine videos after she started missing her best friend. She would post a video so as to make her BFF laugh.

She wanted to show her what she is doing when she is bored at school and from their people took a real notice at her and boom, her career took off like a rocket. And she has not been down ever since.

After the app died, she moved to YouTube to make videos and therefore she became a full YouTuber. Fame came when she was in her sophomore year of high school. However, after becoming successful as a YouTuber, Lele started to show off to her fans her other talents like dancing and singing.

But she took singing more seriously that she even started putting out music. Her famous singles which also became a hit are ‘Celoso’ received over 320 million views on YouTube. Also, her other popular single which she put out this year, September ‘Se Te Nota’ has received over 50 million views in 3 weeks.