Finally! Kylie Jenner Is Concerned About Her Lips

kylie jenner old lips
July 11, 2020 2:08 pm

After so many years of internet trolls attacking her lips, finally, Kylie Jenner decided to return to her old natural self. Her old lips are very recognizable that you would notice right away if she removes her lip fillers.

An eagle-eyed fan commented bad on her Instagram photo and the words really got to her encore. Jenner replied with a short clear answer “got rid of all my filler”. It seemed like Kylie really was fed up with all the negative talk about her lips.

After the media discovered that her lips are not real, she tried to explain to fans “I was insecure about my lips, and lipstick is what helped me feel confident,” she said.

Kylie Jenner went thru from having thin lips to having beautiful yummy hot lips on the planet. I have just a good descriptive picture showing how Kylie’s old lips looked like. She used to look like she never had any lips at all but thanks to technology and science, now, she is a supermodel. Her mother is doing a great job raising that family plus all the children she manages. It is a very big job.

Kylie kissed her old lips goodbye and never looked back again. Her body image has been changing slowly over the years and now she is a bombshell. She has lots of fans because of the different features she possesses on her body.

The King really appreciates the work of God for giving her daughter the best lips she never had.