Kristen Hancher: The Before And After Pastic Surgery Story

kristen hancher before after
July 13, 2020 8:48 am

Kristen Hancher has decided to close the chapter on the stories of her before and after plastic surgery stories. The truth is she has this new look that has made fans start to question whether she is %100 natural or not. She has tried so many times to try and prove to people that is that but most of her fans do not believe her.

A few years back, fans attached her photoshopped photos she posts on her IG but replied to them in a so positive way. She said on her replying IG post;

“I did not get plastic surgery,” she confirmed. Kristen said she was upset by all the hate. “Love yourself.”

“It is not Photoshopped. I look exactly the same in videos from the same day,” she added.

The model is a popular Instagram model and if you do not know what she does, better go here to read more about her personal life.

A lot of models online like the idea of being open about their plastic surgeries. But some find it hard to tell their fans the truth. Kristen Hancher does not seem to embrace her before and after surgery stories like the other. Her face has changed a lot over the years, from chubby cheeks to this.

Take a closer look at the above photo and see how the left looks way different from the right one. But she says makeup can transform somebody.