Why Does Kinsey Wolanski Seems To Be In Bad Luck Most Of The Time?

Kinsey Wolanski
November 17, 2020 9:00 am

Kinsey Wolanski is a 24-year-old model and a Russian-American YouTuber famously known for her work. She mostly shares via Instagram and TikTok. She is a pretty damn good actress because of her appearance in the movie, Slasher Party. The model has come from a far place for her to even be playing roles in movies.

However, Kinsey is so brave that her bravery rose to fame. When she sets her mind onto something, she just does it. And she does not care pretty much about results as long as the reason she did it was to entertain her followers.

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In October 2019, the model did a paid advert promoting Bang energy drinks by giving money to the Indonesian locals and received major backslashes. In the video, she walks up to random people and gives them money which many considered ‘inappropriate’ in Bali. However, if she did this in America. It could have been okay but she was in Bali, Indonesia and people were not happy after the ad.

According to DailyMail, Kinsey Wolanski, and her boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy approached Indonesian people with cash held in their hands and gave them the money while holding also energy drinks they were promoted through the video. Many considered it inappropriate because Zdorovetskiy could be heard saying ‘I love the happy ending last week’ which was totally wrong. Fans came with comments like;

‘Nothing like giving poor people money on camera to appease rich Americans,’ another person wrote.

‘Shoving money in a stranger’s face is not admirable. Sorry, you are not a savior,’ one said.