Kinsey Wolanski Marks Champions League Final A Victory? Do you?

August 4, 2020 6:21 am

Kinsey Wolanski is a beautiful American model but she is more famously known as the Champions League final pitch invader. What a title America has blessed her with. She is so positive and fearless. She invaded the football pitch wearing a black swimsuit while team Liverpool and Tottenham were having their final match.

To keep the story short, Kinsey loves invading when big players are playing. She saw this opportunity as her quickest way to fame. It worked for her. She is now famous as a model and pitch invader.

Kinsey Wolanski did a very shocking surprise to the fans of Liverpool and Tottenham. She invades the pitch while wearing a black swimsuit looking hot as ever during the Champions League final. Her fame grew in an instant. It has remained stagnant and still growing up to date.

But things do not go as planned as always. She and her boyfriend also tried another invasion in the Copa America final, a match between Brazil and Peru but they were not successful. As a result, the police arrested her at the Maracana Stadium which in Rio De Janeiro.

The players’ eyes were all over her booty. Since she is a model, she made a lot of attention to the men. Players were all over her azz. And she has got a nice one. So they went to jail and the next day, she explained to her fans via her social handles.

Kinsey Wolanski at the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham was a success. Her fans loved it and encouraged her for more. Which she failed and the police arrested. What a cool way of earning fans. Don’t you think?