Other Ways Jojo Siwa Is Racking Up Revenues — Definitely For Adults Too!

jojo siwa coloring page
July 14, 2020 11:33 pm

Quarantine has brought a lot of difficulties in our life but we have to cope up with it. Some celebrities have shown us some craziness and it was fun at some point. What’s not to enjoy? they make our day. Recently, she has been so serious on TikTok where she posts some wonderful videos showing how great she can dance. If you are not onto her, you are really missing out my friend.

Jojo appeared on TikTok often times lately and the funny or interesting thing is seeing her without her hair signature, her ponytail. I am her fan but I have never seen her without her ponytail when she is out in the social media. If she did this to catch our attention, it worked. If you don’t know her, the young singer, Siwa, rose to fame after she played a nice role from the popular reality TV show ‘Dance Moms’.

Her TikTok fans are so happy that they have got to know her a little bit that now she has aged a bit more. They are never used to seeing swept up into a bow-laden pony.

Jojo Siwa Warms Your Kids For A Coloring Page

If you have a child and you see Siwa you would know that if even your child can do anything if you let them be. You want your kids to have that coloring page from Jojo Siwa?. Well, the teen sensation makes a lot of money selling coloring pages. And this has been a huge boost when it comes to her net worth since she has a high following. Of course, she has other means of earning money since she is a big star. She is purely an American sweetheart.

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According to Wikipedia, A coloring book is a type of book containing line art to which people are intended to add color using crayons, colored pencils, marker pens, paint, or other artistic media. She is like the young Hannah Montana of this modern world. The girl adores Miley Cyrus so much and it seems like she grew up watching her. They are so similar.

Here are some photos showing some coloring pages of hers.

jojo siwa coloring page

jojo siwa coloring page


Jojo Siwa has her young fans to not live without coloring her coloring page. She has merchandise, in other words, she sells coloring books in America, and kids love them. They adore her in such a very positive way. This type of business is really making her money.