Janet Guzman Acts Family When It comes To Her Fans — Resilience

Janet Guzman
November 17, 2020 9:17 am

For a model to have a following on Instagram where she has over 1.6 million is not a little thing. Janet Guzman seems to be great at what I just mentioned. She has a high following and deep engagement with her fans.

Janet Guzman is a Mexican American internet personality and model who rose to fame mainly because of her involvement in social media apps like Instagram. She and Fashion Nova are like daughter and mother. She has been a Fashion Nova partner since when the company was just making its way in.

I bet she might have some shares at the company since she has been a loyal one. Up to date, the allure does not seem to get tired of working with them.

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The model is not that tall, she is 5 feet 1 inch tall but her looks are not deceiving. There have been speculations of her fans claiming she must have done her breasts, nose, and lips. Yes, a lot has been said about her but she still is keeping it real by saying;

“What a lot of y’all hating azz people have to understand is that at the end of the Day, I’m going to do what the fuck I want, wear what the fuck I want, and do whatever the f-ck I please. So your negative comments&opinions DONT MATTER”.

Even haters are always getting in her way, that does not mean she has to stop making that money. It is obvious what is keeping her sane and numb when it comes to all the negative comments she receives.