Is Lele Pons Really Pregnant? The Secrecy Still Lives

Is Lele Pons Pregnant
November 17, 2020 5:10 am

Fans think Lele Pons is pregnant since she was so convincing in a video. It’s why she has millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. She always likes to act crazy but deep down she knows what she is doing. She acted with the Dutch model whom she considers as best friends. His name is Twan Kuyper, a fellow YouTuber whom she considers a best friend.

And she is trying so hard to tell us they are best friends. But if they were not kissing every time and always together then I could have thought they were fake but they are legit.

Lele Pons is not pregnant even though, we, fans we are very much confused with this. One fan wrote, “I can’t tell if Lele is actually joking”. She received the comment on a video, Lele is Pregnant, which went really viral.

The comedian knows how to deal with her craft that she even leaves her fans asking questions if she is making it up or not. She is a damn great actor. This also made fans ask themselves a lot of questions. She also released a video showing her being married to Twan Kuyper whom she considers as a best friend.

Because of her close relationship with her so-called best friend, fans get suspicious after doing the video revealing how newly of a pregnant woman she is.

How Lele Pons Wins On The Internet But Suffers Deep Down

When you look at celebrities, you would think they have no problems at all. However, they just have money and can buy most of the things they want but deep down they are struggling through something just like us. Take a look at Justin Bieber, he has gone thru bad situations in his life but in the fans’ eyes, he looks like he is sent from heaven and can’t bear any real problem.

Here today we talk much about Lele Pons. She is a famous Internet celebrity who gained fame from being a web comedian. She is so popular online, especially on YouTube and Instagram. The comedian has over 41 million followers on Instagram. She also has over 16.5 million subscribers supporting her work. For an online influencer or entertainer, she has got a lot of success.

According to an interview she had with Variety, she revealed her personal problems. She showed fans how real life is to her and that she suffers just like us. “I have struggled with OCD, Tourette syndrome, and other mental health conditions since I was a young child.”

Pons opened up so much in the interview. It is one of the interviews which shows how vulnerable she is as a human being. She has even explained her sufferings more by sharing an episode about it on YouTube Originals.

She tells fans that she has been embarrassed for a long time about her mental health conditions. However, the episodes share so much with us about our favorite celebrity. She decided to come out of the closet about it after she realized she could be living a better and healthier life.