How Much Is Huda Kattan Net Worth? She Helps Angels

September 21, 2020 12:54 pm

How much net worth does Huda Kattan have?. She is at number 37 for being among the richest self-made women. Well, she started selling the fake first. She is second to Kylie Jenner when it comes to the world’s richest makeup artists. That’s right, when she launched her products, her line was full of false lashes. However, she now is as legit as she can be.

However, according to Forbes, Huda Kattan has an estimated net worth of at least $610 million, as of 2020. Her company thou is worth a billion and it is drastically growing. The face she has can sell anything.

Huda is a great social media influencer as she has over 3.84 million subscribers on YouTube. Also, she has over 41 million followers supporting her movement. One great thing not to miss out on is that she supports other women. In 2017, she even launched another company, Huda Beauty Angels which helps other women to stand up in business on their own.

Even though she is rich but she used to be so miserable at her job in finance before fame. But now she owns a multi-million dollar company, Huda Beaty which sells from eyelashes pallets to lip gloss. She really knows how to market herself.

How Huda became a happy and famous makeup guru

Huda gave also gave a short story of her coming up as a makeup artist. Before her makeup career, Huda was working at a recruiting company. However, in 2009, she actually lost the job and really messed up her really hard at that time. In other words, they fired her. But things in this world always have a way of sorting themselves out. Her sister came to the picture after she was fired and her sister pushed her into doing makeup.

But the reason she started doing makeup it’s because she thought she was ugly. She comes from the Middle East and makeup was not that popular at the time but her parents supported her either way.

Huda Kattan even went to study makeup after she was fired and after school, she started aiming for goals that were bigger than her. As a result, we now have a Huda. She first her makeup career as a beauty blogger in 2010 but in 2013, her sister insisted on opening her own makeup line where she would sell fake eyelashes. She used that saying “Fake until you make it”.

Huda Kattan Appoints A New ‘Huda Beauty’ CEO — Owns A Billion-Dollar Company

What makeup has done to Huda Kattan is much more compared to other Instagram makeup artists. She first launched her makeup line in 2013 which went by the name of Huda Beauty. She is an Iraqi-American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur.

On 26th September 2020, she took to her YouTube channel which has over 4.1 million subscribers to announce her new Chief Executive appointee. In her YouTube video “Why I’m no longer CEO at Huda Beauty”, she shared the news that the new CEO of the company will be Nathalie Kristo. She said she is so excited for Nathalie but also she is super excited for herself to have done that decision.

The beauty blogger came up with that decision because her husband, Christopher Goncalo gave her advice. He told her if she wants her company to grow, she should give up the CEO role so she can focus on other things. That was some top-notch advice because it is clear that Huda has more to offer to the world.