How Old Is Madison Beer, Our Favorite Star? Web star?

How old is Madison beer
October 14, 2020 10:26 am

Madison Beer was born in Jericho, Long Island, New York on March 5, 1990, which makes her age 21 years old. She comes from a Jewish family. She is super close to her family and has a younger brother, Ryder.

When she was 11 years old while in a car with her mom, she told her mom that one day she would definitely be friends with Justin Bieber, and one year later things fell into the right places. Okay, Let’s go.

How Madison Beer got discovered by Justin Bieber

Justin was just the American dream at the time when Madison was 13 years old. She used to sing covers and uploaded the videos on YouTube. But you know what happens on Twitter can not stay on Twitter. Bieber posted a link to the video cover ‘At Last’ – Etta James and from there things started to take off. You know that Bieber owns a record label, right?. I had to let you in on that just in case you did not know. He owns a recording label ‘Island Records’. After he saw her potential and traction she brought in social media, he eventually signed her without a doubt.

How did Madison get this famous though? How Madison Beer Rose Against The Giants In The Music Industry

Now Madison Beer is someone popular and yes we know that but do you wonder thinking how did she get famous?. But also wondering how old she is. Well, I am going to elaborate on things that were not elaborated on enough just for you guys. Beer is a famous American singer, songwriter, and Internet personality. I say she is a web star because she is really good friends with other web stars and they really support her. Friends with benefits, don’t you think?.

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But I bet you wanna know more about her career. Well, she started making videos for YouTube back then in 2012 but the hustle really paid off after she met up with Justin Bieber. Bieber discovered her in 2012 and eventually signed her to Island Records. It is pretty clear why Justin was fond of her because her music is super great and it’s like pop runs through her veins.

However, Beer was not happy with her label anymore after she found out how locked she was when it comes to creativity. As I told you before, Bieber saw something in her, and web stars nowadays make a lot of money just bein online entertaining your fans. However, she is all about music on her channel. She is doing it solo now and not under any record label. That is how tough she really is and her music is still jamming. She released a new single ‘Selfish’ with a music video, so touchy.