Himynamestee Rocks The Social Media While Enjoying Herself

how old is Himynamestee
July 11, 2020 11:46 am

Himynamestee is an American social media star who rose to fame from sharing her lifestyle, comedy activities to her Instagram account. She is a comedian, actress, influencer, model, and entrepreneur. Her fame grew up more after she appeared on the 12th season of Wild ‘N Wild. However, she gains a lot of followers through the looks of the incredibly attractive and well-maintained body figure that she possesses.

How Did She Come To This Success and How tall is she?

So far, Himynamestee has made it in life and it’s true.  But the way she acts is like she is underground. Her net worth is heavy because she gets a lot of endorsements. She has worked so hard to be where she is today. She has partnered with some of the big clothing lines like Fashion Nova and brand magazines like Cover Girl. How the allure looks make sense to why she is earning such sponsorships and endorsements.

However, she slew the cover and I gotta give her that. The other good thing that this girl ever won in her life is being a video model with lots of skills that are so sexy and appealing. I bet she gets paid great when she does the music video good.

That booty thou!!!!. I have to admit this, Himynamestee has the body like the work of art. So curvy with a synched waist. Her fans flock to her Instagram page every time she shares a new post. She also many new followers every month so she is doing a great job.

The beauty is 5 feet 3 inches tall and she weighs at least 50 kg. She also has hazel eyes.

How old is Himynamestee?.

Himynamestee was born on September 1, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, United States. A lot of celebrities like Zendaya came to earth on this day. However, the allure is 25 years old and she keeps on aiming higher. The way she portrays herself on social media is like she does not have a big name. Her birthplace is California, as a result, she is a California native. Her real name is Tamera Kissen. She has this African American ethnicity.

Himynamestee is 25 years old and she has done a lot that most girls could not do or have not done in their lifetime. She is so popular online that she has over 2 million followers supporting her work. She dove into the entertainment world at the age of 17. As a result, we have a star.