How Old Is David Dobrik? Shares His Fruits Of Labor

September 10, 2020 5:49 am

David Dobrik still is so young but the young guy can flip the money around like it’s paper. How old is our favorite YouTuber David Dobrik?. He makes money by making videos giving money to people. This is awesome and kind of unique.

He vlogs a lot with his closest friends by his side. He is so lucky that he works with his besties. How cool is that?. The guy seems to be a very kind guy. Doing what he does, it does not mean he is a rich kid who comes from a rich family. Well, he does not come from a rich family but now, fortunately, his family is rich because of him.

Dobrik was born in Kosice Slovakia on July 23, 1996. So David Dobrik is 23 years old but how does he make so much money?. Well, he is hardworking and started while he was young. The dude is adorable and his videos are just a blessing if you ask me.

The young millionaire YouTuber is so young that he makes so much money off YouTube. He is so successful that he has over 17 million subscribers supporting his work of art. His channel is self-titled and Did you know that his channel has received over 7.23 billion views. That is a lot of money. No wonder he likes giving money back.

He used to date Liza Koshy back in the day. Their relationship ended in 2018 and fans were so mad and sad at the same time. David and Liza made such a cute couple. They dated for three years.

The 23-year-old is living in Los Angeles, California and that’s where he makes most of his videos in case you didn’t know.