How Old Is Danielle Cohn? Young Social Media Guru!

How Old Is Danielle Cohn
November 12, 2020 12:41 pm

Danielle Cohn is 16 years old. She was born in Florida on March 7, 2004. She has a brother, Chad.

Her dad said once that her daughter Danielle was lying about her real age. He claimed she was 13 while at the time, his daughter was saying she was 15. However, Danielle herself responded by denying her dad’s claim.

Her father, Dustin Cohn took to Facebook to expose his child’s lies. He said that she was actually two years younger. So who would you rather listen to, her dad or Danielle?. Danielle is one who tricked the internet she was pregnant with Mikey.

Are Danielle and Melody Cohn Really Sisters?

Melody Cohn is not her real sister as many would like to think. Her family info remains a mystery to many but we have done our best to keep you on a loop.

The 16-year-old teen sensation is a famous American singer who released her first song ‘Marilyn Monroe’ in 2017. She is also a social media star with over 4.7 million Instagram followers. And she is breaking the internet as her YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers.

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Cohn is one of the famous teenagers with a loyal fan base. However, the teen seems to be in love with getting tattoos on her body. Her first tattoo is the one on her left arm which is tattooed a rose with a stem that says “Life Goes On”.

To keep it short about her tattoos is that she has lots of tattoos which she does not love as much as she did when she got them. She has another tattoo on her left thigh.

America is the land of opportunities and filled with lots of talents. She is super famous while such at a young age, but she makes a pretty nice income. She has worked with such reputable brands such as Fashion Nova and Target.

Danielle Cohn dated Mikey Tua. Mikey Tua is now 18 years old. They started dating in 2018 but unfortunately, they are no longer dating. She dated Mikey when he was 17.