Clearly Cynthia Parker Could Not Move On After This Break Up

How old is Cynthia Parker
August 12, 2020 11:04 pm

Being on social media handles where you can find Cynthia Parker, is like the best fun thing you can do in a day. She is fun and she keeps representing that. Learn more about her actual age but first who is she?. Well, Parker is a famous American TikTok star with over 3 million fans on the platform. She also is famous on Instagram as she has over 800,000 followers supporting her. She is one of the best TikTok stars out there. Her stardom keeps on growing gradually but steadily.

Who is she dating?. She is currently single and ready to mingle or she might be having private sessions with her private perfect date. Cynthia used to date Chase Hudson, an internet celebrity with over 24.6 million followers and now they are no longer. The web star walked on his Twitter account and made sure last year, that his fans know that they are no longer dating even though he still has the love for her. Since it was hard for Cynthia to put the announcement out then Hudson took the lead.

How old is our TikTok star, Cynthia Parker? The TikTok Influencer & Star

TikTok star, Cynthia Parker is 15 years old, as of August 2020. And she is not 14 no more. She was born in Ontario, Canada in 2005. She is so good at advertising. As a result, she is now the brand ambassador of Fashion Nova. Even if the clothing line has got many models as ambassadors but she is doing a hell of a job. Who would argue the hotness she possesses?. Well, she is not a member of popular TikTok houses, yet.

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However, Cynthia’s real full name is Parker Woodman and Cynthia is her nickname. But I have a feeling some might be surprised about her name but that’s just the reality.

Her friends, Zoe Laverne, Lauren Kettering, and OkJohnnyBoy all already chill in a big mansion. She surely soon will be in a mansion. There is a high probability.

It’s true that the teen sensation might be dating Quinton Griggs. Because one time she posted a video where she appears with her boyfriend involving a caption, “My baby boy”. The content she posts is likely to make people think she is a lot older than she is. But the truth is she is just 15 as she can be.