Real Name Vs Stage Name Of Himynamestee

himynamestee real name
July 13, 2020 8:16 am

Himynamestee just stopped loving her real name right from the start of her fame. The world first discovered her when she was appearing in the 12th season of Wild ‘N Out. Her performances are unforgettable and fans just love her sense of humor even more.

Do you wanna know how old is Himynamestee?. Well, age does not matter anyway. She does stand-up comedy and also she does 1-minute videos to her Instagram. She has over 2 million followers supporting her work.

Himynamestee came up with a nice aka name and the social media love it. But her real name is Tamera Kissen. She has a brother named Santana. She is a true Californian girl.

Do you think fans love Himynamestee because of her looks?. She is so damn curvy if you ask me. Her Hispanic look just does her way better and she even gets her fellow comedians to go crazy over the body even the female ones. She appeared in the music videos of T.I and also of Chris Brown. That is a great personal achievement.

According to Famous Birthdays, the beauty did brand partnerships with big brand companies like Cover Girl and a highly competitive clothing line company Fashion Nova.

Do you think her real name would go overboard above her stage name Himynamestee?.