Emily Ratajkowski Crashed The ‘We Are Your Friends’ Role

September 28, 2020 9:37 am

In the movie We Are Your Friends, Emily Ratajkowski has played a major leading role as Sophie alongside the big actor Zac Efron who played Cole Carter. I never thought she could kill this role and she did it. Most people did know she had it in her. But turns out we’re wrong. And I was one of them. Also, she has played supporting roles in movies such as Entourage and Gone Girl.

The established young model has also played part in the music video “Blurred Lines”. The movie was a hit in theatres. It is a catchy movie that lets you off the hook if you are the type of person that regrets wasting on a horrible movie. Thank me later. But Emily is not just another actress or model, she has got charisma. Yes, I just said that to stress on this. The media is all over her azz in every step she is doing in her each day she is alive.

They have been other factors that made her gain more fame. Like, she played a video model in the music video of Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines”.

Emily Ratajkowski Is Not Just A Model But A Great Actress

Most models look up to models like Emily Ratajkowski. She is doing a great job of both modeling and acting. I’d say that I like her more when she is a model but I would be lying. She is great at whatever she does. The allure is so much online on social media. She is so popular on Instagram as she has over 26.7 million followers.

I, myself knew Emily Ratajkowski after she did so well in a 2015 film, We Are Your Friends. Her career started as an actor started after this movie. It did so well that she became even more famous. Emily started modeling at such a young age. She came from the bottom as she struggled to pay rent in Los Angeles. However, she is famous and rich and can now pay for her own house.

Emily is one of the models who are doing so well in terms of financially and many other things. She is the trending model of all time. The media loves her. Her body does really do justice. She is skinny and looks nice and hot in everything she wears. That is some charisma right there. Her Instagram is full of sizzling figurative photos that attract thousands of likes and sometimes millions of likes for each. She prefers wearing a bikini most of the time to showcase her business.