Eiza Gonzalez Starring In ‘Baby Driver’ Was A Blessing

September 10, 2020 11:20 am

The Mexican actress Eiza González played a perfect role in the film Baby Driver. She sold the movie and yes she can act. She was one of the four heist members who completed the heist and fans loved her for that. It was a mind owing movie but I must admit that I loved her character. Being on the four-person bank-robbing team really made me love her even more.

Eiza González played a role in the Baby Driver via a code name Darling while robbing a bank. In the movie, she plays a wife to a character named Buddy who is her husband. She and Buddy play well that we fans even fell in love with them. Her love for her husband is pure and real enough that she would die for her man.

The film shows Eiza slinging guns and robbing guns did not seem like her type of movie but she made it look that way. She played as a cocaine addict who could not get enough of her relationship. Money was all in their minds.

According to WMagazine, Eiza talked about the movie Baby Driver and said “That’s why that relationship works in the movie because they both see each other as equals,” Don’t you agree with her?.

She added by saying “I didn’t want to be just a side piece.” It’s so clear that a lot of actresses auditioned for the role but why do you think she passed?. Is it because she is a hottie or a good actor?. I do think she is a damn good actress but her looks have done her justice.