How Close Is Emma Chamberlain To The Dolan Twins?

August 19, 2020 8:44 am

Emma Chamberlain has been good friends with the Dolan twins since 2018 when they met for the first time. Ethan is one of the Dolan twins and he is such a pretty cool dude. However, he has been so close to her so far. Fans started to see there is something special between the two after they started sharing photos of them together.

Rumors started after Ethan posting a photo of them enjoying jet-skiing together. They appeared so happy, cozy, and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. However, the Dolan twins member has been so into Emma Chamberlain that it got to a point that he could no longer hide it any longer. He took to Twitter and defended her in a so much of personal way and fans concluded their relationship status.

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In 2019, Emma unfollowed all of her friends on her Instagram. It made a lot of noise from fans but it turned out that she just wanted to clean her following list. She claimed she was in a cleansing mode.

Also, in July 2019, Emma and Ethan happened to be tweeting to each other in a flirty language. It led to fans believing more in them being romantically together. She used to date a dude named Aaron Hull.

Chamberlain used to be pretty close to the Dolan Twins and James Charles. I guess life has got busier for them.