What Demi Rose Should Give Tyga For A ‘Thank You’

demi rose and tyga
July 11, 2020 2:46 pm

Demi Rose has been a model since she hits the fame, right after, she met Tyga and dated briefly. Dating the rapper was the best thing that ever happened in her famous life. And now she is enjoying the fruits and most of the fans who know her today have even forgotten she even dated Kylie Jenner’s ex, Tyga. Is Demi better looking than Kylie thou?. I think both of them have got their own game if you’d ask me.

Before Demi Rose dated Tyga, she had over 60,000 Instagram followers and the fanbase grew to 200,000 and up to 3.2 million after she started dating Tyga. They dated for a while and currently, the model has over 13 million Instagram followers. It is a blessing to have that much of followers on the image-sharing platform.

The model eased Tyga’s heartbreak since Tyga dated her right he came out of his relationship with Kylie. As a result, she later decided to get into the modeling thing since it was her dream all along ever since she was little, according to her official website. Demi and the young Jenner received insights on how similar they looked like and fans thought Tyga dated Demi because she looked exactly like his ex Kylie.

Demi Rose Mawby originally comes from Birmingham, the United Kingdom where she was born and now she is 25 years. She is also a DJ and she crowns herself as the World’s Sexiest DJ. As a result, she has made so many friends in the music industry and has even worked with Chris Brown and Dj Khaled as their video model.