Where Is TikTok Star Cynthia Parker Taking Us? At Her Age?

cynthia parker tiktok
August 12, 2020 11:22 pm

Cynthia Parker does not have a million followers on Instagram but she is living her best life as super web stars. It seems the model knows how to satisfy her fans. Even though her Instagram does not have many photos as others but she still attracts more fans as usual.

She is a member of a popular web group, NOTACONTENTHOUSE which is a group consisting of other web stars such as Madi Monroe, Katie Sigmond, Lauren Kettering, Ava Tortorici, and Devyn Winkler. The group is all girls and they make great content. On TikTok, they have over 1.4 million followers and wanna know where they reside?. The girls’ house is located in Beverly Hills, California. They are trying to show fans that their house is different and surely they are in competition with other web groups.

Cynthia’s house consists of beautiful hot girls, it’s like they audition only beautiful girls to enter the house. Take a look at Madi Monroe who is under management, Moxie Artists Management. She is popular on Instagram because of posting sizzling hot photos plus her fashion-like lifestyle. On her page, she has over 2.9 million followers supporting her. You should take a look at Madi’s house so you can understand how the girl attracts more followers. Especially, when she is wearing a bikini. She is a very great friend of Avani Gregg.

Who Is TikTok Star Cynthia Parker? Is She Dating?

The TikTok star Cynthia Parker is doing a good job raising her hand on the internet like she has got more to offer. And yes, she has more judging from the looks of it.

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Cynthia Parker is famous on TikTok as cynthiaparkerrrr where she has over 2.4 million fans supporting her. She is always into her dancing groove. She shares a lot of videos where she collaborates with various fellow video creators such as Emma Chamberlain. Her career makes her hang out with some of the coolest internet stars out there. She hangs out with colleagues like Lauren Kettering and Chase Hudson and that is quite a big thing for her career.

Cynthia is so young I sometimes doubt that she is 15 years old. She was born in Canada on September 27, 2004. She started her online journey in her early teen years and now so far so good.

Who is she dating?. There have been rumors detailing things her new boyfriend. And we have his name. She is dating fellow TikTok star, Quinton Griggs. Fans suspected about two dating way back but they never admitted it before. Cynthia told her fans through her TikTok account just to make things clear. However, fans were so happy to hear the news and named the couple as Quinthia. What a lovely name.