The Unfair Share On Charlie Puth & Charlotte Lawrence

September 17, 2020 3:07 am

Charlotte Lawrence was very much in love with Charlie Puth. The lovebirds were both the American sweethearts. Their relationship was epic and popular. The California girl with some super charms. Her fame grew even higher than it was before she started dating the artist. They announced their relationship in early 2019 on Valentine’s Day.

Charlotte Lawrence is no longer dating Charlie Puth. Their relationship ended in early 2019. After the two broke up, Puth went on to dating Selena Gomez. He kept it so private that he never wanted to share that he dated Selena. I wonder what made him so silent about dating her since it was good for his image. Does this mean he is a gentleman?. He truly does not kiss and tell but he did it.

According to VanityFair, the California girl has never regretted any of her past boyfriends. She is not regretting having a relationship with Charlie at all.

“I never regret any of my ex-boyfriends. He opened my eyes to a whole different side of music.” she said.

She admitted she was no longer dating the musician. However, she also confirmed she was in love again after a period of time after the breakup that she is in love again.

Apart from dating the big pop musician, she is a damn great American musician herself.