Keeping Up With The D’Amelios — Charli Leads TikTok Without Mercy

charli and dixie D'Amelio
July 25, 2020 6:35 pm

Life has to move on when the person you love turns out to be different than you expected. And Charli D’Amelio had to let go of her long time boyfriend for the sake of her happiness. I wonder if men like Chase Hudson will ever change. How could they break a poor girl’s heart especially through cheating?. What was he thinking?. I guess fame had to do with it. Because once you are famous, girls out of your league gonna come for sure. They broke up in early 2020 and TikTok users went from happy to a very mad state of mind. However, she was dating Chase Hudson whom she spent time with as lovers for a long time but as you know life happened.

Charli is the most followed TikTok star, meaning there is no celebrity on earth who can top that for sure. She has over 87.3 million fans on the platform.

The SisterHood Of Charli And Dixie D’Amelio Is A Million Buck

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are the next big family empire to ever happen online. This is the type of family that you just feel happy watching. They are like the new Kardashians, so please, do not hesitate for a subscription because you soon will be hearing about them everywhere. They are taking the Internet by storm. Charli has over 70 million fans on the video-sharing app, TikTok. She is considered the Queen of TikTok. She is a damn great dancer.

However, Dixie D’Amelio is also much famous but not like the popularity of her sister Charli. She has over 29 million fans on TikTok. When asked where they got the dancing power, Charli said “That’s a really hard question,” she replies, after a few seconds, she continues.

“My mom grew up a competition dancer and sometimes does TikTok dances with me, but my dad did breakdancing, and that’s raw, so if I had to ask someone to break it down in the middle of a party, I would have to say, my dad.”

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You can see why the two sisters are great dancers and to why have managed to both have that power on Social media platform especially on TikTok. Charli also uses her gifts and her social media influence in a very positive way. In March 2020, she created the #DistanceDance which was a campaign to encourage people to practice social distancing. Procter and Gamble facilitated the campaign she did and much thanks to them.

The campaign did well that about 1.7 million people had to imitate her social distance dance. The 1.7 million people include influencers, models, and celebrities. Her video received over 8 billion views and that is power.

Charli and Dixie are so great sisters even though they sometimes argue or get in a fight but their fights or arguments never last, according to them.