What Is The Net Worth Of Chantel Jeffries? Family Ties.

Chantel Jeffries net worth
September 15, 2020 11:30 pm

Chantel Jeffries is an American Instagram model who has a net worth of $2 million, as of May 2020. She is very popular on Instagram as she has over 4.7 million followers. She is a California native.

The model has dated celebrities like Justin Bieber but she did not only stop there. She became more famous for being the rumored girlfriend of Biebs. The Beliebers were so happy that their leader was fully off from Selena but it was not like it looked like. Later on, rumor had it, she even was dating Justin Combs, the son of Puff Daddy. However, she also dated Lil Twist.

I can tell, Chantel has got it. She is so beautiful that even if she has not done any plastic surgery but you would think she has done one. What a beauty.

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But how did Chantel Jeffries acquire this net worth?. First, she is an established model, and Justin helped her do that in an instant. After dating all those celebrities, her fame grew even more. She started to receive a lot of attention and accrued more new fans.

Thus, with this huge following, Chantel uses her IG to promote beauty, fitness, and clothing lines such as Fashion Nova e.t.c. Also, her YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and this proves more where is her other source of income. She uses Instagram and YouTube as her main source plus she is also a celebrity model who gets involved in photoshoots. Yes, there is money there too.