The Influence Of Brittanya Razavi On Tattoos

brittanya razavi tattoos
July 11, 2020 2:29 pm

Brittanya Razavi is really a fan of tattoos and piercings. And some fans call her a tattoo model since she looks so beautiful with them on. She is an Instagram model with lots of followers loving her photos and they are down to earth. In addition, she is a millionaire milf and a respective CEO of 187 Clothing. She was a finalist on VH1’s Rock of Love in 2009. Apart from that, she is mostly known for participating in several VH1 reality shows, such as Charm School season 3, and Rock Of Love Bus. In 2010

Well, Razavi tattooed her first tattoo at the age of 11 years old at her friend’s party. she tattooed her own name at the back but a few years later, she did not like it anymore and had it covered. It is something great for her since the talented tattoo artist that did her is now a popular tattoo artist and his name is Manuel Valenzuela. The same guy still tattoos her till today.

She loves tattoos and claims tattoos are who a person is. On a certain interview, she said she loves all her tattoos and her favorite one is the one on the left hand. When people see her is always her body parts that are more appealing to people. They enjoy the view and the heads turn left and other right but also up if you what I mean.

Brittanya Razavi advises on the sexiest place for getting tattoos. She likes it when it goes from behind the ear and down the neck. She likes it when a girl has one big piece maybe down her side.