Safe To Say; Blake Lively Had The Best Nose Job

Blake Lively nose job
October 21, 2020 12:56 pm

Has Blake Lively has a nose job or doctors call it rhinoplasty?. Well, we all know how plastic surgery has gone beyond its measures when it comes to celebrities. Of course, we love Blake Lively but that does not stop us from telling the truth about her. She is one of the hottest Hollywood stars. I love her accent and voice. She is amazing but enough about her good qualities.

Celebrities are people just like us but they have got money and a lot of makeup artists and hairstylists around when it comes to making them how we see them on TV. They always make sure the face is perfect first. As for Lively, she still had some insecurities even after fame. So the question remains, did Blake Lively had a nose job?.

Blake Lively nose job

Definitely, Blake Lively has had a nose job before, or else she could have never had this perfect face. She does not look the same as she first started acting. Different photos from years back show how huge her nose looked like before she underwent a rhinoplasty. Of course, it’s all part of the journey.

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After she had done the surgery the nose started to look different in the people’s eyes and that made a mark. Many though complement her even after the surgery. They say her nose now looks great and aligns well with her face. And it looks like she has not touched her lips or she does not vibe with lip fillers.

Here are some compliments are given Lively’s nose job by Dr. Hugh McLean.

“Before, she had a wider and flatter nose, but now there’s a slimmed, pointed, and elegant nose that could only have been achieved through a nose job (rhinoplasty),” says Dr. Hugh McLean. “Because the nose job was nicely done, it perfectly matches her flat face and compliments her already striking looks.”

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley agrees: “In her rhinoplasty, she had some tip cartilage removed, the tip defining points narrowed, and her tip rotated up. In addition, her bridge was slightly lowered and substantially narrowed.”