Men Blake Lively Had Dated Before Marriage– She Her Own List Too

Blake Lively boyfriends list
November 12, 2020 5:15 am

Who is Blake Lively dating? But before we discuss who she is dating first, we are going to talk about all the men, she has dated. The allure dated Kelly Blatz but their relationship was not much of a topic. She liked to keep it that way. Their low key relationship lasted for about 4 years as it started from 2004 to 2007.

Kelly is also in the Hollywood industry as he is a great actor who played the role of Brandon Luke from the popular television series ‘Fear Walking Dead’. He also played as Aidan in the series known as The Good Doctor from season one.

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Blake Lively also dated Penn Badley from 2008 and ended their relationship in 2010. These two started dating after they started playing roles together in the popular series ‘Gossip Girl’. They took their relationship from television and decided to live it in real life.

Both looked great together and also their relationship was private that they did not put that much openness. Even after they broke up they continued to work together for another two years.

But Blake really liked the Hollywood stars.

The Hollywood actress did not stop there with the Hollywood stars. She also dated Ryan Gosling and their relationship happened soon after she broke up with Penn. Rumor had it that they dated for a while even though they did not come clean about them dating at all.

People believed it because they were spotted at Disneyland in October 2010. As you that Blake knows how to pick her men, they are always on point when it comes to looks. After Gosling, in May 2011, she started Leonardo DiCaprio and it was summertime but their summer relationship ended in September the same year they had started their love affair.