The Boyfriend Of Annie LeBlanc Knows The Magic No.

August 23, 2020 3:25 pm

Annie Leblanc met her current boyfriend in 2019 during the photoshoot that Asher was on for his video Chemistry. She confirmed the news via her Instagram when she posted a photo of them together on Valentine’s Day.

Annie Leblanc is currently dating the SHAZAM! star, Asher Angel. The couple started as friends. They became friends so fast but their relationship did not start there. Their friendship slowly grew into a relationship with so much love. She is 15 years old with so much success. I must say that success does not think of age when it wants to hit a person.

In 2019, the boyfriend of Annie Leblanc admitted that the song One Thought Away was for his girlfriend. Annie even appeared in the music video for the song. She really has someone who truly cares for her. They look adorable the way they show love to each other.

It’s not a one-sided love thing for them. Leblanc also adores the young guy. She always describes her boyfriend as a sweet and romantic boyfriend. They really enjoy each other’s company as they both claim to be enjoying they are working together on their music.

According to an interview she had with Zach Sang on YouTube, she completely proves it.

“It’s so much fun working with someone who likes you are so close to and it’s just a fun time. Laughs and all the stuff… It’s just kinda like you’re just having fun like lighthearted. Coz you don’t have to like try as hard. Cause you just… It’s just there. The chemistry. Get it.”

Thus, Annie is dating and in love with Asher Angel.