Amber Heard’s New Love Chapter And Her Beauty Is Undeniably More Refreshing

Amber Heard no Makeup
July 20, 2020 4:20 am

Her real name is Amber Laura Heard. So you can also call her Laura. When I first her name I just wanted to know how she looks like because her name is nice and clicky. And yes, I did not waste my time.

Amber Heard is the soon ex-wife of Johnny Depp and now she is enjoying the fruits of being free. Even though their divorce is not done yet, she definitely feels single and ready to mingle. Based on the smile she is showing on social media The married couple filed for divorce and their case is a long one and it’s also been so due to this pandemic.

Fans love what energy she brings in her movies. Recently, she looks like she is the happiest woman on earth amid her drama with her soon to be ex-husband. Well, now they make us understand that divorce can happen to anyone.

Amber is a great American actress who has been in the entertainment industry for a while now. She is a Texas-born and raised who has an amazing journey in her acting career. I always like movies more because she is in it. What I love to watch is her beauty and how intelligent and caring she can be. She is 34 years old but her skin still looks like a girl in her 20’s. I wonder where Johnny Depp is failing at. Is it the drugs?. Because if it’s the drugs, he definitely should stop and decide on what he can do to have that happiness back. The great thing that we fan love is her smile. She is all about happiness.

How Does Amber Heard Look With No Makeup On?

It is undeniably true that Amber Heard still looks gorgeous even when she is wearing no makeup. Most of the time she goes out, she is like at her best with no makeup. In other words, even without lip liner, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc, she still looks still shines like a little princess in her 30’s. Her beauty possesses power and that is very powerful of her and she can’t help it but bring it to the movies she played roles for

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Sometimes the media spots Amber Heard and appears completely with no makeup on her complexion. According to the ancient Greeks and a plastic surgeon, she has a beautiful face in all the land. She is so beautiful that sometimes her beauty becomes a case study in colleges of the related field.

The American actress was born and raised in Texas. She is also a tremendous model in the game. However, she was married to Johnny Depp from 2015 – 2017. That was her best marriage so far. She is in a legal battle with her ex-husband.

With all that going on, life has to on. Heard is dating someone new, Bianca Butti and she is all about smiles. She went from breaking it off with Depp, moving on, and starting afresh with Butti. What a great happy-seeking move.

Her new partner, Bianca also works in the same related industry as hers and that is none other than entertainment. She has worked as a cinematographer on several episodes of the popular television show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. However, she seems to have moved on with her life when it comes to her current love life. What do you think?