Aaron Hull Trash-Talking On Emma Chamberlain! Why?

August 19, 2020 8:36 am

How easy and bad things turned out for Aaron Hull with his rumored girlfriend Emma Chamberlain. Emma is so popular online and her fame is growing drastically and her romantic life has not been left to die in vain at all. There  She has over 8.5 million subscribers supporting her work.

Even though she is a celebrity but others also think she is not a true celebrity. However, she has been proving she is a celebrity for real just by working hard. Aaron is a popular TikTok star with so much following on his account.

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Aaron Hull dated Emma Chamberlain, the talk of the town, but it seems he does not care anymore. Fans think that he should be so grateful that Emma even gave him the publicity. He is much more famous because of her and that is absolutely true.

What Do Her Fans Think?

There have been fans loving the situation of them not being together. They think it is time for Ethan Dolan.

Emma Chamberlain uploaded a video with ‘Learning How To Skateboard To Impress A Boy’ which fans thought it was for Aaron Hull. She really loved the dude but in the end, he called her annoying. It turned out the boy was in it for himself and not for the both of them. How can you call your ex annoying especially a Chamberlain?.

Early this year. a video went viral of Aaron Hull talking dirty about his ex and fans of Emma got pretty mad. I think she never saw it coming herself.

The worst thing of all is that Emma even introduced him to her parents. She really did love him.