The Dog Breed Kylie Jenner Has In Her House

22 hours ago

Kylie Jenner loves her pets and fans really ask what is her dog breed since they just see them on her Instagram. The dog breeds that appear on Kylie’s Instagram are mostly Italian greyhounds Norman and Bambi. She often posts them and they seem to make a great part of the young mogul’s day.

According to People Magazine, young Jenner’s pet count is about nine. That is a large number of pets. She surely shows her fans what a dog lover she really is.

You tell for sure that her first choice of pets is dogs. The supermodel even builds a house for her pets with air conditioning and that is what we call great love. She shows how her dogs are living by documenting on her Instagram page. Her pets live better and their apartment is bigger and nicer than many apartments.

The young billionaire has been renovating her dog house and building a new one which is better than the old ones. And Kylie Jenner continues to bring a new dog breed type in the house.

Jenner has lots of money. She is a young billionaire with lots of things to do to entertain herself. Forbes embraces her for the net worth she is currently possessing.

Who Might Kylie Jenner Be In Real Life?

22 hours ago

Kylie Jenner in real life looks way different than you could imagine. Even though there isn’t that big of a difference but she does not look that perfect in real life. She once said on her show that she takes more than a 100 photos for a single post on Instagram. That is why she even get the best photo.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jenner has short hair in real life and hair color is black. She has beautiful hair though. Just watch the video and you can understand what I am trying to tell you.

What I love most about Kylie is that she is real. She keeps it real with her fans. Meeting her in person, still, she has that beauty. Yes, of course! Kylie has had lip fillers in the past and now her lips are gorgeous.

Now see this picture to see what is it I am talking about when I say Kylie Jenner in real life is not King Kylie.

How Did Jailyne Ojeda Come About This Net Worth?

22 hours ago

Jailyne Ojeda is an American Instagram model coming from Arizona who has a good net worth, unlike most Instagram models. She makes money off being featured in calendars and t-shirts which also makes her a good income. She has so much fame nowadays and she is only 23. However, she uses her social handles with a business mind not just to show her body parts.

As of late July 2020, Jailyne Ojeda has an estimated net worth of over $3 million. In her early years at the beginning of her career, she made a lot of money off after signing a lucrative deal with SouthWest Modeling Agency. The agency made her start in the modeling career a good one.

Later she started expanding her brand and started working with other brands. However, she now has a lot of contacts and knows reputable people in her relative field. Her father really does support her movement and she took the modeling career more seriously after graduating from college, Phoenix.

Also, the model makes a good on-going income through her Instagram page. She posts a lot of advertisements promoting different brand beauty products. She has over 11 million followers on Instagram and that is enough to make money off promoting goods for a day.

How Old Is Kristen Hancher? What An IG Model

23 hours ago

How old is Kristen Hancher?. She looks so damn fine and her Instagram really converts. She earns a lot of followers and promotion deas. The model looks really young due to using makeup but that is not all about her. Her age is not what she seems to be.

Kristen Hancher is 21 years old as she was born in Ontario, Canada on May 17, 1999. She looks much older in photos than in person. Since she is a grown-up now, what part of her makes you vulnerable?.

Kristen is a popular Canadian YouTuber who has been running her business online using social media platforms, especially on Instagram. As a result, she has over 5.7 million followers on Instagram. Hancher’s looks have been changing over the years. Here is what I wrote about a story of her engaging in plastic surgery.

Now that you have known about how old Hancher is, I think it is time you learn more about her.

Kristen Hancher: The Before And After Pastic Surgery Story

23 hours ago

Kristen Hancher has decided to close the chapter on the stories of her before and after plastic surgery stories. The truth is she has this new look that has made fans start to question whether she is %100 natural or not. She has tried so many times to try and prove to people that is that but most of her fans do not believe her.

A few years back, fans attached her photoshopped photos she posts on her IG but replied to them in a so positive way. She said on her replying IG post;

“I did not get plastic surgery,” she confirmed. Kristen said she was upset by all the hate. “Love yourself.”

“It is not Photoshopped. I look exactly the same in videos from the same day,” she added.

The model is a popular Instagram model and if you do not know what she does, better go here to read more about her personal life.

A lot of models online like the idea of being open about their plastic surgeries. But some find it hard to tell their fans the truth. Kristen Hancher does not seem to embrace her before and after surgery stories like the other. Her face has changed a lot over the years, from chubby cheeks to this.

Take a closer look at the above photo and see how the left looks way different from the right one. But she says makeup can transform somebody.

The Empire Of Kylie Jenner Began At Age The Age Of 14!

23 hours ago

Here is some truth about Kylie Jenner about when she was at the age of 14 years old. Kylie did not possess the beauty she is currently possessing nowadays. She calls herself King Kylie and she has proven that in a lot of ways. She is a young beauty mogul and billionaire who has made it more than what people expected.

At the age of 14, Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner cut her off financially and started paying her own bills up to the person she is now. Kylie is really young and she inspires a lot of other young girls. She teaches them to believe you can be independent even when you are young. It’s never early.

According to the interview she had with InStyle UK, the 22-year-old young Instagram sensation has been paying her own bills. At that age of 17, Kylie bought a $2.7 million mansion.

Kris cut her off financially due to the fact that Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner had already gotten the collaborative deal from a company, PacSun. Also from the interview, she also added: “I pay for everything — my car, my gas, and food, as well as my clothes.”

Kylie Jenner started earning money while her age was only 14 and as a result, the young beauty mogul is now a young billionaire. Her business has surpassed her sister’s businesses. She used to dress like Khloe Kardashian when feeling down and dress like Kim Kardashian when she was going on.

Who Is Johnny Orlando Without Mackenzie Ziegler? No One?

23 hours ago

How Am I going to tell you this?. Wait, Johnny Orlando has always been in good terms with Mackenzie Ziegler. Their chemistry is very obvious and fans love that. In early 2018, the two even toured together and it was just epic both for them and for the fans.

They are both musicians who make very good music. Their main career has always been music and acting is just in addition to them. They both do pop music which has made them both very famous.

But I have to admit that Johnny Orlando has a great voice and so does Mackenzie Ziegler. Plus it has made him millions but I just don’t like the way he sounds in some of his songs. He sounds mostly like a girl in some of his songs.

Johnny and Mackenzie have a hit song together which went viral and it became an American teen favorite song. In 2015, they released a pop song ‘What If’. In the music video, it shows Mackenzie is in a relationship with someone whom she is not interested no more. The video has garnered over 35 million views. Also, their YouTube channel has millions of subscribers. Orlando’s channel has over 4 million subscribers and Ziegler has over 3 million.

Johnny is currently not dating. He is single. However, they made a lot of songs together and released some videos of them singing together like love birds. They made a lot of noise back in between 2015 and 2016.

Yovanna Ventura Ditched The Weight loss And It Backfired

23 hours ago

Yovanna Ventura has had fans attacking her about her weight loss and gain for years now. Fans are not sure of what they want from. So they leave her on crossroads. She posted a picture showing how much weight she has lost, it was not a pretty thing for her fans to see.

Ventura was like one of the thinnest models out there on Instagram. After she started dating Justin Beiber, the fitness fanatic gained a lot of attention from the media and more fans. Currently, she has over 5.3 million followers supporting her.

Yovanna Ventura was so good when it comes to the weight loss topic since she was the proof herself. But fans did not like it when she decided to gain a few pounds. It was so bad that fans flocked at her IG page telling her to go skin or thin as she used.

According to her FaceBook post, she replied to people attacking her:

“I’ve lost about 13lbs in a month and a few weeks cause I WANT to and cause I’m working on a few big things, so proud of myself for being so consistent. If I lose or gain weight it’s my decision. I looked amazing before and I feel amazing now as well, that’s the beauty about your body you can transform it to whatever you want as long as you’re consistent and put in the work. 😉”

Do you think the people who attacked her did the right thing?. She totally disagrees.

Were Yovanna Ventura And The Weeknd A Perfect Match?

23 hours ago

What can Yovanna Ventura do to reclaim the love of The Weeknd?. The former couple used to be on trending. Yovanna is a model that is pretty famous on Instagram. She is the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber. Yes, you read that right. She and Justin dated for a while before Justin got back together with Selena Gomez.

Confused? You are not alone, pal. Let’s go deep on the relationship between Yovanna Ventura and The Weeknd. Their relationship was so trending since both of their exes also were so famous. Everybody wondered if it was just revenge for their exes. With all the people of Los Angeles, they had to find themselves dating again.

Ventura was really keeping things perfect for the singer and that is why he was all over her in a short period of time. The model gave her that fan love that I bet he never got that from Selena. They were all over the blogs seen holding hands in public.

According to US Weekly, Yovanna Ventura is so much of a lover. As a result, the Los Angeles based artist spent the majority of the night cozying up to Bieber’s former love interest. The two dated as love birds but in the end, things never lasted and poof! the relationship ended.

When Ventura and Weeknd were dating, Selena and Bieber had already started dating.

Himynamestee Rocked Even Before Her Plastic Surgery

23 hours ago

Here is the life of Himynamestee before she even had the thought of having plastic surgery. Do you also think she had some lip fillers for lips?. Because her lips sometimes look weird. Her real name is Tamera Kissen.

Of course, nowadays every model we see on Instagram with a body like Kylie Jenner or Brittanya Razavi we just assume she must have undergone plastic surgery. This is something we should improve so as to protect the community and praise God for his art of work.

Most fans do not believe she has a natural body but keeps on searching for Himynamestee before plastic surgery. Well, you have come to the right place. The Hispanic allure is just that awesome with her body and she knows it. It is why she uses her body so much in her video dressing sassy.

Himynamestee did not have any cosmetic surgery before. Rumor has it that she might have had lip fillers done on her lips. They are so weird in a good way and looks suspicious.