How Much Is Huda Kattan Net Worth? She Helps Angels

4 weeks ago

How much of net worth does Huda Kattan have?. She is at number 37 for being among the richest self-made women. Well, she started selling the fake first. That’s right, when she launched her products we’re not that great, her line was full of false lashes. However, she now is as legit as she can be.

Huda is a great social media influencer as she has over 3.84 million subscribers on YouTube. Also, she has over 41 million followers supporting her movement. One great thing not to miss out is that she supports other women. In 2017, she even launched another company, Huda Beauty Angels which helps other women to stand up in business on their own.

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According to Forbes, Huda Kattan has an estimated net worth of at least $610 million, as of 2020. Her company thou is worth a billion and it is drastically growing. The face she has can sell anything.

Even though she is rich but she used to be so miserable at her job in finance before fame. But now she owns a multi-million dollar company, Huda Beaty which sells from eyelashes pallets to lip gloss. She really knows how to market herself.

Huda says she never paid for advertisement at all during her come up. If she can, maybe we also can. What do think?.

Without Makeup, Tana Mongeau Acts And Looks Different

4 weeks ago

How does Tana Mongeau look without makeup?. Well, she has always been open about her lifestyle. And since she is a YouTuber she has always made it easy for her fans to get to know her really. On YouTube, she has over 5 million subscribers and that is a lot of feedback. She also is popular on Instagram as she has over 5 million followers but she does not care what their views are.

Tana Mongeau looks way different without makeup on. There is at least one video where she is not wearing any makeup. However, she knows she does not look the same compared to when the makeup is on.

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In 2016, Tana released a video, “HOW TO CAKE YOUR FACE LIKE A PRO” and it had three editions. But the third edition did make us concerned since the video tells a lot of truth about her beauty and makeup. The video received over 6 million views.

The beauty guru opened the video by saying, “If you wake up every day looking like a naked f–king molerat… and you want to learn to put hundreds of products all over your face until you are f–kable, keep watching!”. This tells she knows herself so well but she has a business to show and encourage others they can be whoever they want with makeup on. She is truly a makeup enthusiastic

What Happened To Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul?

4 weeks ago

What are Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul doing?. They look so good together. Why did they split after all this time? The former love birds have been together for about 9 months but they recently announced they are taking a break.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul married each other after public dating for three months. However, early this year, they announced their split and it was so devastating for their fans. They looked so adorable together and seemed like soulmates with all the show they showed us.

They took it to their Instagram pages and shared with fans their sad emotions towards each and they used the same photo for more clarification. Tana was more comfortable announcing the sad news while Jake was next to her. They decided and posted while they were next to each other. She admitted that helped a lot.

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The reason for their breakup is that each of them needs a second to focus on their own lives and themselves. Also, the reason for announcing their breakup together is so that they could not speculate their reasons for breaking up. That was so clever of them. Unfortunately, Tana was not satisfied with keeping quiet about who or what broke the relationship.

Why did Tana And Jake Paul Break Up?

In one of the episodes on her reality TV show, MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau, she tells the truth to her manager on camera about how bad her relationship with Jake was. She told the manager on camera that Jake was always doing his work always training for something greater and did not have enough time for her. She also added that Jake changed slowly as a person into someone after they got married. After this episode going aired, Jake was really pissed off but at least, she shed some light on her reality.

But did Tana take Jake for advantage?. Jake is clearly so rich. He has got over 19 million subscribers while she has 5 million subscribers. Well, I guess they are both rich but we know for sure how much Jake makes?.

How Old Is Piper Rockelle 2020? It’s Her Time Now

1 month ago

Piper Rockelle is 12 years old, that’s how old is Piper Rockelle?. She is so young but how does she keep it together than most other adults can?. Since you know now how old she is, the hear this. She used to do modeling before coming to social media. What could really she be when she is 16.

Piper is a very famous young Instagram personality with so much following on her social media handles. She is also a singer and a TikTok star. Her YouTube channel is booming like crazy.

In 2019, she had already accumulated over 4.1 million subscribers but she now has over 5 million subscribers on her channel. She has managed to achieve so much at such a young age. However, her parents obviously are her managers at the time. She is 12.

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Piper Rockelle was born in Georgia on August 21, 2007, so how old is she?. She is 12 years old. The young girl has two brothers Hunter Ray Hill and Tyler Ray Hill.

Piper is a native American who is primarily raised by her mother. Her mother is Tiffany Rockelle. However, the kid is still so young but still, she has achieved so much while she is young. Look at her age. Her energy speaks through her success.

The young beauty is not dating anyone and rumors have not surfaced yet.

How Close Is Emma Chamberlain To The Dolan Twins?

1 month ago

Emma Chamberlain has been good friends with the Dolan twins since 2018 when they met for the first time. Ethan is one of the Dolan twins and he is such a pretty cool dude. However, he has been so close to her so far. Fans started to see there is something special between the two after they started sharing photos of them together.

Rumors started after Ethan posting a photo of them enjoying jet-skiing together. They appeared so happy, cozy, and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. However, the Dolan twins member has been so into Emma Chamberlain that it got to a point that he could no longer hide it any longer. He took to Twitter and defended her in a so much of personal way and fans concluded their relationship status.

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In 2019, Emma unfollowed all of her friends on her Instagram. It made a lot of noise from fans but it turned out that she just wanted to clean her following list. She claimed she was in a cleansing mode.

Also, in July 2019, Emma and Ethan happened to be tweeting to each other in a flirty language. It led to fans believing more in them being romantically together. She used to date a dude named Aaron Hull.

Chamberlain used to be pretty close to the Dolan Twins and James Charles. I guess life has got busier for them.

Aaron Hull Trash-Talking On Emma Chamberlain! Why?

1 month ago

How easy and bad things turned out for Aaron Hull with his rumored girlfriend Emma Chamberlain. Emma is so popular online and her fame is growing drastically and her romantic life has not been left to die in vain at all. There  She has over 8.5 million subscribers supporting her work.

Even though she is a celebrity but others also think she is not a true celebrity. However, she has been proving she is a celebrity for real just by working hard. Aaron is a popular TikTok star with so much following on his account.

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Aaron Hull dated Emma Chamberlain, the talk of the town, but it seems he does not care anymore. Fans think that he should be so grateful that Emma even gave him the publicity. He is much more famous because of her and that is absolutely true.

What Do Her Fans Think?

There have been fans loving the situation of them not being together. They think it is time for Ethan Dolan.

Emma Chamberlain uploaded a video with ‘Learning How To Skateboard To Impress A Boy’ which fans thought it was for Aaron Hull. She really loved the dude but in the end, he called her annoying. It turned out the boy was in it for himself and not for the both of them. How can you call your ex annoying especially a Chamberlain?.

Early this year. a video went viral of Aaron Hull talking dirty about his ex and fans of Emma got pretty mad. I think she never saw it coming herself.

The worst thing of all is that Emma even introduced him to her parents. She really did love him.

The Sisterhood Of Annie LeBlanc And Hayley LeBlanc

1 month ago

Annie LeBlanc and her sister Hayley are like the best thing that ever happened to their mom. The way their mom treats them is so good. Two cute sisters are so popular on social media platforms, especially on Instagram and YouTube.

They are sisters and do not have a joint sister account. But they do have one thing in common in their line of work. They are both the stars of the popular web series Chicken Girls.

In 2019, they shared a video of them making breakfast for their sweet mom and the video went viral. When they talk in their videos, they talk that talk as adults do. They are so mature at such a young age. They are like best children YouTube has ever had in their program.

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Annie LeBlanc and Hayley LeBlanc both have quite a net worth. Their YouTube channels are doing so well. However, their accounts have millions of subscribers supporting their movement. Annie has over 3.9 million subscribers and that is so much money. Hayley on the other hand has over 1.51 million subscribers.

I like the fact that they do not depend on each other when it comes to their careers. Everybody has got to do their thing for their business. In short, their sisterhood is so strong. Annie is dating someone in case you did not know.

The Unfair Share On Charlie Puth & Charlotte Lawrence

1 month ago

Charlotte Lawrence was very much in love with Charlie Puth. The lovebirds were both the American sweethearts. Their relationship was epic and popular. The California girl with some super charms. Her fame grew even higher than it was before she started dating the artist. They announced their relationship in early 2019 at Valentine’s Day.

Charlotte Lawrence is no longer dating Charlie Puth. Their relationship ended in early 2019. After the two broke up, Puth went on to dating Selena Gomez. He kept it so private that he never wanted to share that he dated Selena. I wonder what made him so silent about dating her since it was good for his image. Does this mean he is a gentleman?. He truly does not kiss and tell but he did it.

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According to VanityFair, the California girl has never regretted any of her past boyfriends. She is not regretting having a relationship with Charlie at all.

“I never regret any of my ex-boyfriends. He opened my eyes to a whole different side of music.” she said.

She admitted she was no longer dating the musician. However, she also confirmed she was in love again after a period of time after the breakup that she is in love again.

Apart from dating the big pop musician, she is a damn great American musician herself.

How Old Is Hailey Orona? Net Worth!

how old is hailey orona
1 month ago

Well, How old is Hailey Orona, the beauty?. She has been making a lot of progress in her career as a social media star. You would know her from her personal intriguing photos and selfies which shares with her fans.

Hailey Orona was born in Upland, CA on December 24, 2002. So, the model is 17 years old. She started using Instagram around the year 2015 and used username on IG such as lil.ona and yt.ona and currently, she is stuck with real.ona. She has garnered over 2.9 million followers supporting her work. However, the socialite is also so popular on TikTok where her fans get to see her dance. And She is a great one.

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Being on IG famous has a lot of advantages such as getting deals to promote products and get paid. That is an advantage that a lot of Instagrammers are searching for. A lot of models on IG get popular and get rich at the end of it through the same procedures. It is why a lot of young girls are into it to the core.

How Tall Is Hailey Orona? Her Net Worth?

Well, Hailey Orona, being successful as a CA model has inspired many. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Her height does collaborate with her beauty and that is one of the reasons she has got the charisma. She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million. That one came along while being an Instagram star. So she definitely loves Instagram.

The Boyfriend Of Annie LeBlanc Knows The Magic No.

annie leblanc boyfriend 2019
1 month ago

Annie Leblanc met her current boyfriend in 2019 during the photoshoot that Asher was on for his video Chemistry. She confirmed the news via her Instagram when she posted a photo of them together on Valentine’s Day.

Annie Leblanc is currently dating the SHAZAM! star Asher Angel. The couple started as friends. They became friends so fast but their relationship did not start there. Their friendship slowly grew into a relationship with so much love.

She is 15 years old with so much success. I must say that success does not think of age when it wants to hit a person.

In 2019, the boyfriend of Annie Leblanc admitted that the song One Thought Away was for his girlfriend. Annie even appeared in the music video for the song. She really has someone who truly cares for her. They look adorable the way they show love to each other.

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It’s not a one-sided love thing for them. Leblanc also adores the young guy. She always describes her boyfriend as a sweet and romantic boyfriend. They really enjoy each other’s company as they both claim to be enjoying they are working together in their music.

According to an interview she had with Zach Sang on YouTube, she completely proves it.

“It’s so much fun working with someone who like you are so close to and it’s just a fun time. Laughs and all the stuff… It’s just kinda like you’re just having fun like lighthearted. Coz you don’t have to like try as hard. Cause you just… It’s just there. The chemistry. Get it.”

Thus, Annie is dating and in love with Asher Angel.