Lily Chee – Life, Fame, and The Social Media

Lily Chee
April 3, 2019 5:47 pm

Lily Chee is an American model and actress who rose to fame from her acting career and her modeling sensational photos which she posts on Instagram. She has worked with reputable brands such as Target and Old Navy. The beauty has worked with fashion designers such as Alivia Simone and Petite Parade. She was recognized most by the world in the movie called Sunset Park and in the Netflix series Daredevil. Later, Lily got the chance of playing a very interesting role in the Brat web series “Zoe Valentine.”

She was born in Brooklyn, NY on September 19, 2003, which makes her age 15 years old.

The young 15-year-old model was recruited by Wilhemina Models when she was shopping. The modeling agency saw something in her.

Lily has a great following on the web. She is most popular on Instagram where she posts her business and amazing photos. She is an exceptional model. Her IG account has over 750,000 followers supporting her work. She supports and advertises brand products on her social media handles. She has worked with an Institute or foundation called Pencil of Promise.

The beauty has a younger sister named Mabel whom she is very close to. On her sister’s birthday, she posted a photo in June 2016, telling her fans it’s her sister’s birthday.

Lily Chee played a big role in the hit series aired on Netflix called Daredevil. She played as Young Elektra. Do you want to know who played the old version of Elektra? It’s Elodie Yung.