Daniela Medina – Life, Fame and The Social Media

Daniela Medina
February 25, 2020 11:07 am

Daniela Medina is a famous Instagram model and star who has earned her name because of her darker and natural color aesthetic. The beauty is so popular on Instagram with over 300,000 IG followers supporting her followers. She often shares with her fans fashionable streetwear, swimwear, fitness-related photos, and videos.

However, her journey on IG has been a long road. She first posted her first photo in April 2014 and modeling stuck with her ever since. As a result, she currently is a brand ambassador for the company Vital Integral Mercado Saludable. She is also a great influencer for the company. The company deserves her.

She was born in Colombia on June 4, 1996, which makes her age 23 years old. Colombia is also a place she grew up in.

Daniela Medina is such a team player in her line of work as she works well with her fellow Colombian models like Karen Martinez, Paula Suarez, and Daniela Lopez.